3 ways to get started with STWidget:

Try free access to public servers
Request trial hosting on our server
Download and install on your own server

Try online

Chat at public Sametime servers with your friends or have fun with our Sametime Bots!
See EXAMPLES page for available links which you can use from web browser and iPhone.

Or put your favourite Sametime Bot as a gadget to your iGoogle home page and have access to Sametime every time you open web browser.

Request online access to your own server

Want to access your own Sametime server from web browser? We will host it for free for 30 days. This makes it possible to evaluate the features without any installation on your server.
After that you can choose to continue hosting at our server or install on your own server.

For this option to work, you must have Sametime server accessible from the Internet.
To setup online web access to your Sametime server, we need to know following information:

DNS name or IP address of your Sametime server
Sametime port(usually 1533 or 80)

Request a 30-day trial web access to your server
Request price quote for hosting

Install on your own server

Download 30-day evaluation of STWidget and install it on your own server.
Supported server are: Domino, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere.

Request a 30-day trial download
Request price quote for local installation

It's free to chat!

Enjoy the Sametime chat at major public Sametime servers for free. Connect to Bleed Yellow, Lotus Greenhouse and other servers.
Please register to get notified about updates and new features. Thanks!

Try it now! Chat with our Sametime bot

Main features

Login to internal or external Sametime server
See who in your buddy list is online
Send and receive Sametime messages
Send and receive Sametime announcements
Add new users to the buddy list
Change online availability status

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