STWidget - Sametime client for web

Sametime web clientSTWidget web-based Sametime client does not require Java or additional ActiveX components installed on users's computers. It can be used from almost any web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.

With STWidget you can:
Login to internal or external Sametime server
Send and receive Sametime messages
Send and receive Sametime announcements
See who in your buddy list is online
Add new users to the buddy list
Change your online availability status

Immediate response:
With "server push" technique, users of STWidget experience no delay in sending and receiving messages, in the same manner as it works in the regular Sametime client. With our "smart delay" technique, network usage is reduced to minimal, making STWidget a perfect solutions for mobile devices and slow Internet connections.

Easy to modify:
You can easily change STWidget's look and size by modifying stylesheet. There are several pre-defined looks which you can choose from, such as:
Default size (170px*280px) with complete buddylist
Personal chat with only 1 pre-defined person in buddy list
Helpdesk mode with assigned Helpdesk personnel as buddies
Small size chat (40px*40px) for use in e.g. personal profiles

Technical details:
On the server side, STWidget requires a web server which supports servlets. Such web servers are Domino, Tomcat, Websphere, JBoss and many others.
STWidget servlet can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and other OS which are capable of hosting those web servers. Installation is accomplished in less than 5 minutes.

STWidget supports Sametime versions 3, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

On client side STWidget can run in any web browser which has support for JavaScript and AJAX. Such browsers are: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and other. STWidget also works on iPhone and supports both vertical and horizontal orientations. No installations are required on the client.
There is also a prototype of a Flash-based client which you can request if you want to try it.

Runs on Windows   Runs on Linux   Runs on Mac